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Dubai Diaries: Sahil Salathia’s adventurous trip to the desert city will make you envious

One of the perks of being in show business is that you get opportunities to travel across the world and see diverse places. Some people do it out of the hobby, while some make it their passion. Sahil Salathia falls in the latter category and currently, the actor is out exploring the desert city of Dubai and having the most adventurous time of his life.

This isn’t the first time that Sahil has visited Dubai, but the viewpoint this time is different for the actor than from all his previous visits. The actor is in awe of the beauty and advancement of the city and feels there is a lot to learn from its progress.

Talking about his experience, Sahil says, “I always felt that a country is as rich as its culture and history but Dubai has proven me wrong. Sometimes it’s not about the past but the future as well and Dubai is definitely the future. I have been there a few times before, but this time with a fresher perspective.

Raving about the city, he adds, “It’s incredible how much they have developed the city on a desert. Mumbai, as a city, can learn so much from them, as well as so many other cities in the world, as to how to have the best infrastructure possible with all the limitations that God has put on you and still be incredible

While exploring Dubai, Sahil is also satiating the adventure-hungry enthusiast in him. On his last trip to Dubai, the actor attempted skydiving, and this time he chose another adventure sport. He shares, “I went jet skiing right across Burj Al Arab and it was one of the most fun adventures I have done in my life.” The actor knows how to make the best of his time anywhere, and his travel diaries are sure to leave you feeling the urge to pack your bags and jet off on a vacation.

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