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“I am eagerly counting down the days until Choona’s debut!”- Jimmy Shergill reacts to pouring love from fans for his upcoming show Choona on Netflix

The Comedy Heist Drama Series Releases on the 29th of September 2023

The trailer of Choona has been making waves as the viewers are raving about it, and the comment section is outpouring love for Shukla Ji – a character played by Jimmy Shergill in the upcoming series. The fan frenzy is real, and Jimmy is all hearts as he shares his excitement!

Jimmy Shergill, expresses how he feels overwhelmed by the response from the fans, “The heartening reaction from the audience to the trailer has been nothing short of astounding. People accept my work with so much love and respect—it’s a big warm hug from the universe. I am eagerly counting down the days until Choona’s debut, so the audience can dive into the unique and interesting world of Shukla Ji!”

Speaking of Shukla Ji, Shergill lets us in on the secret sauce of his character: “Shukla Ji, the character I portray in ‘Choona,’ is a bit of an enigma wrapped in layers of charisma. He’s got power, but he’s no cookie-cutter villain. You’ll find yourself in a midst of emotions, drawn to his charm one moment and repelled by his shenanigans the next. Shukla Ji lives in that delicious gray area, neither all good nor all bad. It’s this dance between light and darkness that makes him absolutely spellbinding and so multi-dimensional.”

In a world where laughter intertwines with high-stakes capers, a new sensation has emerged to captivate audiences far and wide. Enter Netflix’s “Choona,” the heist comedy-drama that weaves together an ensemble cast of exceptional talent, bringing a refreshing twist to the genre. With a shared desire for revenge as their guiding force, six individuals from vastly different walks of life find themselves unexpectedly bound together, driven by a burning need to take matters into their own hands.

Kisko Choona lagega, aur kisko nahi, watch to find out!
Only on Netflix on 29th of September.

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