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Allu Arjun & Family Visit on Shaakuntalam’s Movie Set To Watch the Little Star Arha Magic

Allu Arha, Allu Arjun’s little daughter, is doing her acting debut in the upcoming film, Shaakuntalam. When the child artist was busy shooting, her father Allu Arjun gave a surprise with mother Sneha, and brother Ayaan by visiting on her set. They wanted to witness the work of their little daughter as a star on the cameras. After this, the photos went viral on social media, where you can see the proud parents.

If you talk about the South Indian movie, then Allu Arjun is one of the most famous stars. He is the third generation actor of the Allu family who is working in the Telugu film industry. In the photos, you can see Allu Arjun, Sneha, and Ayaan looking at the screen when Arha is performing in front of the camera. The love and light in their eyes while watching their daughter invaluable. Also, Allu interacted with Shaakuntalam’s cast and crew and took photos.

A few days back, Sneha posted a picture in which Arha was getting ready for her shoot in Allu Arjun’s Vanity van. She is getting all the princess treatment on her set as she is going to be a star in the future.

The film Shaakuntalam is a mythological love story that is based on the play of Abhijnanashakuntalam. The play was written by Kalidasa who is a great poet. Arha is playing the role of Prince Bharat with Samantha Akkineni and Dev Mohan, who is a Malayalam actor. Gunasekhar is the one who has written and directed this film. Neelima Guna and Dil Raju have produced Shaakuntalam togetherly under the Gunaa Teamworks and Dil Raju Productions respectively.

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