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How many Bollywood songs are there?

When it comes to Bollywood songs, they’re also referred to as Hindi Geet or filmi songs. Bollywood music, along with dancing, is a distinguishing theme of Hindi cinema, ensuring its popular appeal, cultural significance, and contextual relevance. They’re based on the popular song-and-dance routines seen in Indian movies.

From Gauhar Jaan’s first song recorded in India in 1902 through the first Indian talkie film, ‘Alam Ara,’ released in 1931, which incorporated songs in the film. From that time until now, music hasn’t taken a break. Decade after decade, Bollywood films have evolved and contained songs that are relevant to the era.

When India became an independent country, the period was known as The Forties: Partitioned but Free, and the songs featured in Bollywood films made at the time reflected the freedom movement and the desire for independence, for example, Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon from the film ‘Dard’. Following our independence, the next period of time, the 1950s, was depicted as a time of ‘Hope and Start-ups.’ For example, the song Suhana Safar from the film Madhumati encapsulated the post-independence feelings of every Indian person. The Sixties: Packed and Swinging, The Seventies: Fall and Rise of Democracy, The Eighties: Deep Churn, The Nineties: Open Sesame, and so on. Sonic Boom in the 2000s, Age of Shrill in the 2010s, and so on.

We looked through all of the websites, publications, and articles to determine the answer to the question, “How many Bollywood songs are there?” However, determining the actual number of movies is too difficult and unrealistic. As there is no definitive count of songs in films, some having 6-10 songs and others have 2-4 songs, there is no definitive count of songs in films. So, in order to provide a rough estimate of the overall number of Bollywood songs, we devised a system. To learn more, continue reading.

Every year, Bollywood creates an average of 500–600 films, each with a minimum of four songs in a movie. So, if we multiply, the answer is 4 x 600 = 2400.

Similarly, when we add up to find the music generated in the last 15 years: according to our calculations, one year = 2400 songs, 15 years = 36000 songs. Similarly, we can find the average count of total Bollywood songs produced since 1931.

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