Ram Charan get appreciation for his looks from RRR

South Indian actor Ram Charan is in the headlines these days. From his fitness to looks to his choice of movies and roles is very selective and different.   

Ram Charan had already impressed the audience with his cop look in RRR. His sharp haircut and moustache have added authority to this look.

When the poster of RRR was released, there was a shout out among the audience on how powerful the look was of Ram Charan as Alluri Sita Rama Raju. 

The looks and style of Ram Charan became more interesting and charming with every passing sight of RRR.


In this film, Ram Charan surpassed himself not only in looks but also in bringing out the characteristics of a freedom fighter.

In RRR’s latest Dosti song video, Ram Charan’s edgy three-piece, the all-black outfit has also impressed people.

The retro look and the making video from the horse-riding poster are perfectly managed to get thumbs up from the Audience.

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