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Randeep Hooda shares a picture with Neeraj Chopra on Instagram

Neeraj Chopra, Now this name does not require any identity. There are crores of people crazy about this name. Why is the whole country only crores? The country’s Lal has done such a thing. The brave son, who won gold in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, has not only given his mother but also his mother India a moment to be proud.
Today all citizens of the country are proud of Neeraj. The brave son has increased the honour of the country in the Japan Tokyo Olympics and has given everyone the honour of being lucky. Neeraj Chopra is the only player to get a gold medal in Javelin Throw. who got this medal. Also, he has now become the pride of the country, was highly respected as soon as he came back to India.
It was revealed in many interviews that Neeraj likes Bollywood’s famous actor Randeep Hooda very much. Along with this, he has also seen all his films. This is the reason that Neeraj and Randeep Hooda had a special meeting in which both looked very happy.

Let us tell you that Randeep Hooda has shared a beautiful picture with Neeraj on his official Instagram. And his caption is in the Haryanvi language. Which is in a lot of headlines. Also, this picture of Neeraj and Randeep is being liked very much. Likes and comments are being showered in lakhs of people. And fast this post is going viral.

Randeep Hooda (Instagram)

Randeep Hooda has also won the hearts of people by sharing a beautiful picture of this special meeting. Both Randeep and Neeraj are looking very happy in this picture. But more than this picture, the caption was written on it is making headlines. While sharing this photo, Randeep wrote – Kasuta Manas. Nayuye Dhumma Sa Thanda Raha (A mighty person who will always do such work to take the country forward).

Apart from this, Randeep said that after reaching height, one is called a human? This question is asked by very few people and very few people have the answer. But after meeting Neeraj Chopra, it seems that you do this. Along with this, he has mentioned Randeep Hooda in each of his interviews. Neeraj likes Randeep’s style of speaking.
Also, his films are liked by Neeraj. During an interview, Neeraj Chopra was asked which hero can play the lead role in his biopic. Then Neeraj immediately took the name of Randeep.

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