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Ranveer Singh’s remake Anniyan creates a Ruckus

One of the Tamil superhit films of the year 2005 is ‘Anniyaan’. Anniyaan’s producer Oscar Ravichandran has decided to approach the court against director Shankar and producer Jayantilal Gada for making a Hindi remake of the film.
Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh will be seen in the lead role in the Hindi remake of Anniyaan.
Even before this, Ravichandran has filed a complaint against Shankar regarding the South Film Chamber of Commerce. And with this, they are also claiming that the committee would support him in this matter. During a special conversation with a media report, Ravichandran said, ‘I am going to court against Shankar and Jayantilal Gada. Along with this, he also said, he cannot make a film without my consent, because I have the copyright of the film. And with this, no other person has any right on this who can claim rights on my film. Because I am the author of this film.’

In response to Ravichandran’s complaint, the director of the film, Shankar, said that the film ‘Anniyaan’ is his script. And everyone knows about it. And everyone knows. Ravichandran also said, ‘He can say anything. Can claim more, but everyone knows that ‘Anniyaan’ is my film and I had hired him to direct the film.’ The film ‘Anniyaan’ was released in 2006 with the Hindi dialogue ‘Aparchit’ dubbed.
Ravichandran is applying to the Madras High Court, but he has also said, “With SIFCC, which is supporting me, they have asked me to wait for a while.” Because he has also spoken to the Film Association in Mumbai. the producer of the film is not Shankar but Jayantilal Gada with whom I need to discuss this project. Ravichandran, who made ‘Anniyaan’ with South film superstar Vikram, came to know that his film ‘Anniyaan’ is also going to be remade after it was shared on social media. Ravichandran also said that ‘I was surprised that the remake of the film is being announced without my knowledge. this is the first time. Something like this is going to happen in our cinema. Jaishankar said that Shankar and Jayantilal Gada had announced in April 2021 that they would bring a Hindi remake of ‘Anniyaan’. In which Ranveer Singh will be in the lead role.

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