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Sara Ali Khan and Kareena have a Friend-Like Relationship

Sara shares a very good bonding with Saif Ali Khan and his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan. Sara constantly talks about her relationship with her stepmother Kareena.
Kareena had praised Sara during an interview and shared how Sara had changed one of her decisions. Kareena and Saif had decided that they would not give kissing scenes on screen after marriage.
When the couple discussed this with Sara, she asked him to rethink his decision. According to Kareena, most people do not know that she was the only one with whom we discussed this. Saif said to Sara that I and Kareena have decided not to kiss on screen.

After hearing this, Sara was shocked and said that this is a very childish decision. Because both of you are actors and you know that in the films that are being made nowadays, no one considers it wrong if two characters kiss.
Kareena said, in the film ‘The End’, Arjun and I were in the role of husband and wife, so I could not say that I will not kiss and put a scene of two flowers colliding there, then Sara told us that You both should change the policy of no on-screen kiss.
Sara is the child of Saif and Amrita Singh. Both were divorced, after which Saif made Kareena his second wife.

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