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Who has the biggest fan army?

K-pop is a global phenomenon, and the fan bases of many groups aren’t limited to South Korea. The bands have a vast global fan following, which is backed up by downloads and analytics. Find out who has the most fan base by reading on.

BTS-ARMY: BTS’ fandom, ARMY, is without a doubt the largest in the current K-pop band. ARMY’s followers have aided the band in breaking records and achieving high ranks on Billboard, iTunes, and YouTube. Several Korean news outlets have reported that fandom could have a significant impact on a situation. For example, the fandom is praised for purchasing anything BTS utilizes or for releasing trolls.

Exo-Is: Because of its effect before the emergence of ARMY, EXO’s fanbase, namely EXO-L, was extremely large. BTS had won many Daesangs until their album Blood, Sweat, and Tears won the Daesang (Korea’s top music award) in 2016. Because the majority of its members are serving in the armed forces, EXO-SC, the subgroup of EXO, is famous among supporters nowadays.

Blinks: BLACKPINK has been the only K-pop girl group to have a similar fan base and popularity to BTS. The four-piece band has a global fan base with members from all around the world. The band’s youtube views are at an all-time high, indicating the strength of their fan base. Apart from that, the band has received nominations for VMAs and Billboard awards on a global scale.

V.I.P: Set the scene for the worldwide fame of a subgenre before BTS, BigBang, and EXO, alongside single star PSY. The music of the band was adored by fans from all over the world, particularly in the west.

MOAS: Because newbies are expected to achieve similar success as BTS, TXT, a member of BTS’s label BigHit, has a significant fan following. MOAs (Moment of Alwaysness), is the group’s fans. This is a part of the group’s concept of creating memories with fans “now and tomorrow.”

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