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Who is the highest-paid actor on Netflix?

More than half the actors must thank Netflix for the hefty paychecks that stars typically wait years to receive, and that’s only when a movie performs at the box office. With Netflix, performance doesn’t matter, since you’re getting paid anyway.

Leading the charge is Dwayne Johnson with $87.5 million and Ryan Reynolds with $71.5 million, who were each paid in millions to star in Netflix’s upcoming movie Red Notice. Dwayne was reportedly paid $23.5 million, while Reynolds settled for $20 million.

Not just this, Johnson made millions with his Under Armour line, Project Rock, proving his brand extends far beyond the screen. This is the second year in a row that he holds the number 1 spot.

Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg with $58 million bags the third spot.

Mark’s action-comedy Spencer Confidential became the streamer’s third most-watched original film, though he made millions from his producing fees for McMillions and Wahl Street.  

  Vin Diesel rounded out the top 5 ($54 million)even though his F9 was delayed by a year due to the pandemic. Still, Diesel pocketed millions as a producer on Netflix’s animated series Fast and Furious Spy Races. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda ($45.5 million) and Will Smith ($44.5 million) were marked at 7th and 8th position respectively. Miranda had featured an adaptation of In the Heights on the horizon. While for Smith, he was compensated for his Snapchat series as well as for King Richard.

The biggest surprise on the list was Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar marking at $48.5 million, who made the bulk of his fortune. 

Lastly, the ageless warrior, Jackie Chan bagged $40 million, who appeared in five movies in a year and earned millions more apart from various endorsement deals.

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