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Are most actors poor?

The fact that just 2% of actors make a living from the industry and that 90% are unemployed at any given time would be enough to make most aspiring actors go for the scotch if only we could afford a drink in the first place, according to a recent study by the Queen Mary University of London. It’s always been a very difficult old game, but nowadays, with so many performers and so few employment, it’s more difficult than ever to make ends meet.

The only difference between amateurs and those who choose to make it a career is that professionals are willing to put up with humiliation, rejection, financial hardship, and chronic unemployment on a daily basis. Getting into a good theatre school is a huge advantage – at the very least, you’ll get seen.

However, there are now hundreds of theatre schools, and only the top four or five will help you improve your chances, despite their slick prospectuses.

Many actors nowadays have a side hustle that they can fall back on, such as web design, catering, or even delivering sandwiches. However, if you’re not careful, your backup job may become your primary job.

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