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Are there any football movies on Netflix?

These five finest football movies on Netflix are perfect for the summer, pre-season, football season, or any Friday night (football movies) throughout the year. These films range from feature films to documentaries to behind-the-scenes footage and more. These are excellent additions to your Netflix queue. You’ll also enjoy these Netflix high school football movies.

Carter High: A Texas high school football team has its sights set on greatness, but racial tensions and criminal activities by some of the players risk everything.

Friday Night Tykes: This docuseries delves into the competitive world of Texas youth football, where kids are subjected to punishing standards and parental pressure to succeed.

Undefeated: A moving account of a brave effort by an inner-city high school football team to reach the school’s first-ever playoff game.

The Real Football Factories: Examine the terrible history of football hooliganism and hear from real hooligans about their most ferocious rivalries and scuffles.

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The Longshots: When an 11-year-old girl becomes Pop Warner football’s first female quarterback, many are surprised — until she leads her team to victory.

Waterboy: A college football team’s water boy has anger that turns him into a tackling machine with bone-crushing power that might propel his team into the playoffs.

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