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Can I VPN Netflix?

Netflix video streaming is a convenience that most of us take for granted, yet it may be restricted once you travel borders. You might be able to keep streaming no matter where you are if you use the correct VPN. If you utilize the right VPN, you might be able to keep streaming no matter where you are. Netflix users might think that’s a bit of a rip-off. They’ve paid for a subscription, so shouldn’t they be entitled to all of Netflix’s delicious, sweet video content?

An IP address is allocated to every device on the internet, and these addresses are typically distributed geographically. People in the New York City area should have IP addresses that are comparable yet distinct from those in London. It’s rather simple to discover where a gadget is situated by looking at its IP address.


You may not be able to continue viewing your show once you get to the United States since it is not available to Netflix users in the United States. You should be able to resume viewing your show where you left off if you set up a VPN and connect to a server near your London house in the UK.

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