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Did any movie get an NC-17 rating?

In 1990, the NC-17 classification was established to replace the X rating. Most films that acquire the classification are modified and resubmitted in order to receive an R rating, which allows for more distribution and financial possibilities.

The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) division of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), an American film trade organization, has given the following films an NC-17 rating. This is the most stringent rating in the MPA’s film rating system, which is used in the United States for theatrical and home video film distribution.

Short summaries of the specifics behind the film’s content and why it obtained a given classification are frequently included with film ratings. Trailers, posters, and the rear of home video releases all feature them. Content descriptors for film ratings are only used for films rated PG to NC-17. They aren’t used for G-rated movies because the content is appropriate for all audiences, even if it contains mildly unpleasant material.

‘X’-rated films like Midnight Cowboy (1969) and A Clockwork Orange (1971) were seen to be undesirable for youngsters but non-pornographic and intended for the broader audience in the early days of the grading system. Pornographic films, on the other hand, frequently used the non-trademarked ‘X’ rating, which quickly became associated with pornography in American culture.

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