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Does Hulu have free movies?

Unless you’re on a trial plan, Hulu no longer offers free programming. There are still free movie sites and websites with free TV shows if you’re looking for truly free movies and shows.

Hulu is a streaming entertainment site that began as a platform for recently aired television shows but has now expanded to include entire movies, original programming, and live television alternatives. Hulu’s content is completely free and legal to watch. This is due to actual agreements with content providers that allow Hulu to publish programs from their networks.


Hulu may be accessed from a variety of devices, and up to five more users can utilize your account with their own profile. Each profile is distinct from the others, but it does not cost anything extra; each profile’s watching history and recommendations are unique. Even children can create their own Hulu profile to limit their viewing to family-friendly content. It’s streaming isn’t free, so you’ll need to buy a plan first. Some of the content isn’t included by default in the plan, but it can be added for an additional fee. There is an extra cost if you wish to remove commercials on Hulu.

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