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How do actors survive financially?

In addition to good financial management, actors must build a secondary income source over which they have complete control (month-to-month planning, an investments plan, investing in retirement as soon as possible, spending fewer than you make, and creating a backup fund).

To maintain a good acting career, you’ll need a stable secondary job in which you have control over the following elements:


It is entirely up to you when and how much you work (can take on more or fewer hours as needed) What is the maximum amount of money you can bring in?

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Many professions have one or two of these actors, but only a small number of them have all four. When it comes to really flexible gig employment, you usually take whatever shifts are available…feast or famine. Even if you have a fantastic part-time remote job, you are still subject to your boss’s whims, who will ultimately choose when and how much you work.

To put it another way, we’ll have to start over with a new business venture. One in which we have complete control over how and why we work. We are the ones in charge here. At initially, you may be working full-time hours, especially if you’re just getting started. Keep in mind, though, that you will have complete control over how much and when you work from the outset.

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