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How do I join the BTS army?

The Global Official Fanclub Army Membership is an official BTS fan club membership offered to ARMY all around the world. ARMY must acquire a membership from the Weverse Shop in order to join (previously known as Weply). The membership for the term 2020–2021 has been reorganized and is now available in two versions: ARMY Membership and ARMY Membership: Merch Pack are two different types of memberships.

Once publicized, the membership is offered for purchase all year and lasts for a year from the date of registration. Members who have had their ARMY membership expire can renew it up to two months before or one month after it expires. Members of the ARMY who renew their memberships at this time may be eligible for a special renewal gift. This year’s special renewal present is a digital image of a thank-you message written in the artist’s handwriting; the member will be chosen at random.
The prices include VAT but do not include delivery costs. ARMY Membership is 25,000 KRW ($22 USD), whereas ARMY Membership: Merch Pack is 175,000 KRW (150 USD).


The following are some of the advantages of ARMY membership: The ARMY Membership mobile card is a card that identifies you as a member of the Possibility to purchase limited-edition merchandise Early release, members-only rates, and other perks for purchasing BTS content on Weverse. For domestic and international BTS events and concerts, early ticket reservations and ticket raffles are available.

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