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How do you play dumb Charades?

Dumb charades is a game in which one person enacts the words from a movie and the other players must guess what it is. The performer is unable to speak or point to a specific object.

Charades is a word guessing game played in a parlor or during a party. The game began as a dramatic version of literary charades, in which a single person would act out each syllable of a word or phrase, in turn, followed by the entire phrase, while the rest of the group guessed. Another variation was to have teams act out scenes together while the rest of the group guesses. Nowadays, it is usual for performers to be required to mime their hints without using any spoken words, which necessitates the use of some standard gestures. Puns and visual puns were and continue to be popular.

Dumb charades

A charade was a type of literary riddle popularised in France in the 18th century, in which each syllable of the answer was explained cryptically as a separate word before the word as a whole was described in the same way. In the second part of the eighteenth century, the term charade was acquired from French to denote a ‘sort of conundrum in which each syllable of a word, or a complete word or phrase, is enigmatically stated or dramatically rendered’.

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