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Is Netflix the same in every country?

Netflix began slowly and only functioned in the United States for the first decade or so. Netflix has a lot of wonderful stuff, but a lot of it is restricted by your location. In reality, depending on the region you’re in, the catalog of episodes and movies available to you will differ. Its catalog is very limited in several countries. For example, if you travel from the United States to Spain, you will find that there are considerably fewer shows available and that you will be unable to access your typical home streaming services.

As a result, many users will try to fool Netflix into thinking they are in another location, like the United States, in order to recover access to their home country’s library when traveling overseas.


Because different markets have varying demands for specialized content, studios enforce copyright by country. Netflix and the studios are both aware of this, and the studios charge Netflix more to offer specific items for broadcasting in some countries than in others. Global travelers are subject to the same constraints that determine which nations have access to specific content. The streaming platform restricts what you can view when you visit another nation to prevent disputes with their studio partners.

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