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Top 5 witch’s movies of all time

What better time than Halloween to watch some of the best witches flicks out there? The witch has been a staple of fictional tales for… well, as long as people have been telling stories, so our selection of films spans decades, from black-and-white films to cult masterpieces from the 1980s and more contemporary releases. That also means that the portrayals of witches in this collection of films vary greatly – as attitudes have changed, so have the depictions of witches in cinema. Here is the list of the top 5 witch’s movies of all time. Read below to know more.

1. The Witch (2015):

The Witch

Witch cinema reigns dominance. The Witch takes place in the woods of 17th century New England in the throes of religious frenzy, which is intrinsically terrifying. Due to his pride, a father is expelled from a Puritan community and relocates his family to the boundaries of a remote forest.

2. The Craft (1996):

Imagine if the punk girl at the lunch table with the safety pins in her piercings is channeling the power of the universe’s creator…Nancy Downs, The Craft’s antagonist, and your greatest nightmare enter the picture.

3. Hocus Pocus (1993):

Witches must harvest young people to live eternally, a terrible premise that Hocus Pocus plays with. The Sanderson sisters, played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, are 300-year-old witches trying to catch some adolescents in order to stay young and, erm, lovely.

4. Suspiria (1977):

Suzy, an American dancer studying ballet at a famous German academy, is introduced in Suspiria. Suzy slowly uncovers the witch coven at the center of the academy’s more nefarious end game, which is hinted at by the terrible deaths of the academy’s dancers.

5. The Wizard of OZ (1939):

The Wicked Witch of the West was a frightening role for actress Margaret Hamilton, who had to go through a lot while portraying the character. Not only did she suffer terrible burns on set as a result of a fireworks mishap, but her green face and body paint included dangerous chemicals.

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