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What is Sean Connery’s most successful movie?

Sir Thomas Sean Connery made his debut film appearance in the 1954 picture Lilacs in the Spring. In his career, he has appeared in approximately 70 films since that film. Another Time, Another Place, which he starred in opposite Lana Turner in 1958, and Walt Disney’s Darby O’ Gill and the Little People, which he starred in in 1959, were two of his early cinematic roles.

Finding Forrester (2000): Following his Oscar nomination for Good Will Hunting, Gus Van Sant tackled the narrative of a reclusive, Salinger-esque novelist who helps a young, African-American writer (Rob Brown) discover his potential — and to suggest that his follow-up was chasing the same feel-good tone would be an understatement.

The Rock (1996): “Welcome to the Rock!’ says the narrator. Michael Bay’s slam-bang action film is, like most of his blockbusters, a lot of nonstop sound and fury dialed up to eleven. But it has two saving graces: Nick Cage’s fantastically strange chemical-weapons specialist, played with maximum Cage-like weirdness, and Sean Connery’s mere presence.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989): Who else could you choose as Indy’s father if than the man who gave us the first James Bond film?! If the legendary actor hadn’t been such a wonderful fit, Steven Spielberg’s decision to cast Connery as Professor Henry Jones in the third Indiana Jones film would have come off as a stunt – instead, it comes across as a triumph.

Sean Connery

The Untouchables (1987): Jimmy Malone, the hardbitten, shotgun-toting detective who educates the goody-two-shoes Eliot Ness in the skill of combating Prohibition gangsters, earned Connery a well-deserved Academy Award. In the hands of many performers, this may have just been a decent mentor character; in Connery’s hands, however, this man becomes a force of nature.

Time Bandits (1981): Connery’s role in Terry Gilliam’s time-traveling fantasy is minor but memorable: he plays King Agamemnon, the Greek regent who fought in the Trojan War. He’s also one of the warmer historical individuals Kevin, the film’s teenage hero, meets in his time travels, befriending him after he assists him in killing a (literally) bullheaded opponent.

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