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What is the first Golden Jubilee film of India?

Sant Tukaram, a 1936 Marathi language film was the first film to complete 50 weeks in theatres. He narrates the narrative of Tukaram (played by Vishnupant Pagnis in the film), a farmer who eventually gains the reputation of a saint. Jealousy and rivalry are themes explored in the movie. As of this writing, Sant Tukaram has a 6.7 IMDb rating and has been reviewed by a total of 221 people.

Sant Tukaram also known as Saint Tukaram, is a 1936 Marathi movie based on the life of Tukaram (1608–50), a notable Varkari saint and spiritual poet of the Bhakti movement in India. It was produced by the Prabhat Film Company. Vishnupant Pagnis played the saint in the movie, which was directed by Vishnupant Govind Damle and Sheikh Fattelal.

Sant Tukaram film

Sant Tukaram is regarded as a masterpiece of Indian cinema. It was the first Indian picture to be recognized internationally. At the Venice Film Festival, it was named one of the top three films of the year, and it was shown at other international film festivals. It was a smash hit, breaking box office records as the first Indian movie to play in a single theatre for over a year. It was Prabhat and Pagnis’ most well-known picture, and it set the model for devotional movies.

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