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What is the meaning of Hallmark movies?

Hallmark is known for films about single women finding love at Christmas, families reuniting at Christmas, and families of single women reuniting and finding love at Christmas. The majority of the characters in these films are white, and many of them finish with a career lady giving up her life’s job for love. It’s easy to feel uneasy about it all if you’re a progressive political leaning.

That isn’t to say Hallmark isn’t making an effort. Its 2018 Christmas shows did a better job of diversifying its supporting casts than the network has ever done before, especially Christmas Everlasting, which included a predominantly black ensemble.

Even if you’re sympathetic to the network, you have to question if it hasn’t discovered that wholesome family entertainment dripping with cheese can appeal to non-white audiences as well.

Hallmark movie

Despite this, Hallmark Christmas movies aren’t as obviously agenda-driven as, say, Fox News. Although they lean toward social conservatism, the network isn’t delivering these stories with the goal of making Christmas great again, at least not in the manner that the movies do.

Isn’t that, in some ways, what Christmas is all about? It’s capitalism and commercialism playing the trumpets to announce the coming of one day a year when it’s perfectly fine to pine for a hazy, scarcely remembered past full of sleigh rides, ice skating, and family get-togethers.

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