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What is the real name of Gulshan Grover?

Gulshan Grover is an actor and producer from India who has acted in over 400 films. He is renowned as the “Bad Man” of Bollywood due to his ability to make an impact in films by playing bad parts. Grover graduated from Delhi’s Sri Ram College of Commerce and worked for a long time with the ‘Little Theatre Group’ before breaking into the Hindi film industry.

He refined his acting talents in theatre before moving to Bombay to pursue a career in cinema following many stages plays with the well-known “Little Theatre Group.” He began his professional acting instruction at the famed Actor’s Studio, where he shared a class with actor Anil Kapoor. He began teaching acting at the same institution, and some of today’s most famous Indian actors were previously his students. He is a true bridge between the Indian, Hollywood, and international entertainment industries. He has effectively brought numerous entertainment firms from India and the West together.

Gulshan Grover

Gulshan has established himself to be a versatile professional with a passion for his chosen trade in over 400 films throughout a 25-year career. He has acted in many of India’s most popular films and has garnered countless accolades and awards. He is a well-known personality in the Indian cinema industry. Gulshan Grover also won The Best Actor International at the New York City Film Festival and the Houston Film Festival for his role in the film ‘Desperate Endeavours’ as Indian Hollyman, Spiritualman, Dada Bhagwan.

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