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What is the salary of Salman Khan?

Salman Khan‘s salary has reportedly jumped from 5 crores every weekend to 25 crores per weekend, despite what the Bigg Boss host claims about how much he earns for appearing on the show. Since 2010, Salman has hosted Bigg Boss. “I keep telling the makers I put in so much hard work, they should consider it and boost my compensation,” the actor added at the recent launch event for Bigg Boss 15, “but nobody listens.”

Salman is expected to earn over 350 crores for appearing in around 28 episodes, according to multiple reports attributed, bringing his weekend pay to around 25 crores. He claimed last year that he was willing to accept a wage cut to keep the show running owing to the pandemic. According to a report, from seasons four to six of the show, the actor was paid 2.5 crores every episode. “So after that, he increased his fees to 5 crores for Bigg Boss 7.” Salman is said to have demanded 5.5 crores each episode for Bigg Boss 8 and boosted his rates to 7-8 crore per episode for Bigg Boss 9. According to the report, he earned Rs. 8 crores every episode in season 10 of Bigg Boss.

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Bigg Boss 15 premieres on October 2. “Please make Raj (Nayak, Endemol COO) pay me that amount,” Salman stated in a press conference after it was rumored that he would get 11 crores each episode.

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