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What is the story of Sirf Tum?

Agathian directed Sirf Tum, a 1999 Indian Hindi romance film. On June 4, 1999, it was released. Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, Sushmita Sen, and Jackie Shroff star in the film. The film was shot in Nainital, Kerala, and Houston, Texas. It’s a remake of the Tamil film Kadhal Kottai from 1996. The film was a box office hit in India, grossing roughly 10.35 crores.

Deepak (Sanjay Kapoor) discovers a purse belonging to Aarthi (Priya Gill), a Delhi-based employee. The two continue contacting him when he returns her luggage and decide to meet, but despite accidentally running into each other a few times, the two strangers have difficulties finding each other in the vast city. Deepak tries to fend off the advances of his employer, Neha( Sushmita Sen), while Aarthi’s brother-in-law, Nirmal (Tej Sapru), wants her to marry his friend Prem (Salman Khan).

Sirf Tum

Nadeem-Shravan composed all of the songs, and Sameer wrote the lyrics. T-Series and Eros Music have cassettes and CDs available. All of the tracks were huge hits, with ‘Pehli Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai’ and ‘Dilbar’ topping the charts. The Sirf Tum soundtrack album was the tenth best-selling Bollywood music album in 1999, with 2.2 million units sold.

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