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Which are the big 3 one-piece movies?

In every sense of the term, One Piece is a successful franchise. In Japan, it has spawned a long-running anime, numerous toys, specialized soft drinks, and entire stores devoted to it. If there was ever a time when a series could be referred to as a blockbuster hit, it would be the movies themselves. One Piece, like many other popular Shonen series, has spawned a deluge of films. Here is the list.

1.  Film Z:  Film Z is a magnificent summation of not only what One Piece is, but also what One Piece is best at, and is still recognized by many as the best film in One Piece history. It introduces the audience to Z, an incredibly developed and emotive evil who strives to put an end to the world of pirates, even if it means burning the entire globe down.

one piece Film Z

2. Strong World:  The ninth installment of the beloved pirate crew receives high marks for being one of the most daring in the series. Shiki, the ‘Golden Lion,’ has launched a global rampage, bringing his floating island and its voracious species across the seas to wreak havoc on the East Blue.

3. Baron Omatsuri And The Secret Island:  For better or worse, the sixth film in the series stands out to moviegoers for both its gloomy themes and its challenge to the series’ status quo. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, directed by Mamoru Hosoda, is one of the famed filmmaker’s earlier films and an excellent illustration of his auteur style. The Straw Hats arrive on the mysterious island to accept its ruler’s challenge, and the film plays out like a horror thriller.

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