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Which are the Top 10 sad movies of Bollywood?

In case you can’t decide how much to cry, whether it be alone or with your friends. Here are the top 10 sad movies of Bollywood. Read below to know more.

1.      Munnabhai MBBSThe comatose Anand Bhai’s return and Zaheer’s death were both touching moments in this film, which was mostly marketed as a comedy.

2.      Masoom: You feel sorry for Rahul since he is unnecessarily mistreated by Indu through no fault of his own. You blow your nose on your sleeve at the end when Indu intercepts him on his way to the boarding school and accepts him as his son.

3.      Chak De India: The sequences where Kabir is expelled from his village after being wrongfully labeled a traitor, and after his team wins the World Cup, make you wish you had brought a hanky to the theatre.

4.      Bajraangi Bhaijaan: In the closing moment, Munni screams “Mama!” and goes towards Pawan. 

5.      Lootera: You lost all hope when Varun couldn’t elude the cops the one time it mattered and was shot. But it made you sob so hard when a dying Pakhi realizes that Varun never wanted her to lose hope, as she discovers a painted leaf on a fading tree.

6.      Pinjar: Puro and Rashid, caught between the demands of two dysfunctional families during India’s partition, make you sympathize with their internal conflicts. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you see them reunited and eventually accept one other.

Sad movies- Kapoor And Sons

7.      Newyork: When you consider the magnitude of injustice these people have endured after 9/11, and what it has driven them to — self-destruction.

8.      Vaastav: You had to soothe yourself after this scenario by telling yourself that Raghu was a victim of his own bad judgments.

9.      Kapoor And Sons: The sequence in which Alia Bhatt regrets not being able to say a meaningful goodbye to her parents take the cake. Not to mention the tragic loss of Harsh Kapoor in an automobile accident. Grandpa Kapoor only wanted a family photograph, after all!

10.   Mr. India: Because Tina’s death was a slap in the face. That’s all there is to it.

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