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Which are the Top 5 movies of Disney?

Everyone’s top Disney films will be different, and now that the media conglomerate has bought Star Wars and Marvel, there is an abundance of great films to select from. However, for my list, I’m only including movies that made me experience that traditional Disney enchantment. We also have a list of the greatest Disney+ movies to stream right now if you want a broader selection.

1.      Aladdin (1992): 


Aladdin is more than simply a gem in the rough, with magic, battles, and a rags-to-riches main character.

2.      Tarzan (1999): 


Tarzan is a classic narrative portrayed through beautiful animation and powered by Phil Collins’ wonderful score. This film featured everything a good Disney film should have: action, talking animals, conflict, and a poignant tale.

3.      Mulan (1998): 

Disney movie- Mulan

Looking back, it was one of the first occasions a Disney ‘princess’ was depicted as a self-sufficient human being. Disney excels at telling the story of an unexpected hero overcoming insurmountable difficulties.

4.      The Lion King (1994): 

Disney movie- The Lion King

The only reason The Lion King isn’t first on this list is since it’s essentially Hamlet with lions. That is, however, part of what makes it such a fascinating plot.

5.      Hercules (1997): 

Disney movie- Hercules

Hercules was one of my first introductions to Greek mythology, and he is the sole reason I am familiar with so many Greek gods. The music alone makes this picture worth seeing, with musicians like Michael Bolton and Destiny’s Child on the soundtrack.

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