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Which are the Top 5 movies of Tom Hanks?

The two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks‘s films have grossed approximately $10 billion worldwide as actors, writers, directors, and producers. Here are the top 5 movies of Tom hanks. Read below to know more.

1. A League of Their Own (1992): 

For this entertaining depiction of the first female professional baseball league set against the backdrop of World War II, Penny Marshall reunited with Tom Hanks. Jimmy Dugan is played by Tom Hanks.

2. Forrest Gump (1994): 

For better or worse, it’s the name by which we’ll all remember him. I only say ‘worse’ because it seems fashionable to dismiss Robert Zemeckis’ epic about a slow-witted but kind-hearted Alabama man who witnesses, and in some cases impacts, some of the defining events of the United States in the latter part of the twentieth century.

3. Big (1988): 

Following comedies like ‘Splash’ and Money Pit, which established Hanks as a charming leading man in light-hearted storylines, Penny Marshall’s vision catapulted him into full-fledged movie star mode. He received his first Academy Award nomination for his role as a small kid who wishes to ‘be large’ and is instantly transformed into an adult.

4. Toy Story (1995): 

We adore all of the ‘Toy Story’ movies, so we’ll cheat and choose the entire franchise. If pressed, we’ll go with the original, in which he plays Woody, a boy’s favorite toy cowboy doll, who has a fight with Buzz Lightyear, a suped-up space ranger action figure.

5. Bridge of Spies (2015): 

Remember when Tom Hanks was nominated for so many Oscars? Even when he gives his best performance in films like ‘Captain Phillips’ or 2015’s ‘Bridge of Spies,’ which I believe is a borderline top-five performance for him, they appear to have given up on him.

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