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Which are the top 5 scariest movies of 2021?

After the lockdown, A Quiet Place Part II became the first post-pandemic cinema movie to match previous box office numbers. So it was with dread that we confessed that yes, we still enjoy watching movies with strangers with the lights turned off! It’s only right that audiences returned to the theatres screaming: seeing scary movies in theatres is a social release of anxiety and tension, something many people could have used after 2020. Here is the list of the top 5 scariest movies of 2021.

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To:

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To is both unsettling and intriguing, casting a visually spectacular and thought-provoking spell.

The Boy Behind The Door:

This movie is a suspenseful, horrifying, and all-around great feature debut for its co-directing duo, and it should delight discriminating horror aficionados.

The Amusement Park:

The Amusement Park is a crude and visceral picture of society’s treatment of the elderly, with George A. Romero exploring a different – yet nonetheless terrifying – form of fear.



Slaxx is a slim-cut piece of strange horror that successfully mixes oddity with gore — and has the foresight to exit before its bizarre idea begins to show its seams.


Lucky movie

Lucky is a bloody good calling card for director Natasha Kermani and writer-star Brea Grant. It’s a wonderful blend of thrilling horror and keen social critique.

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