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Which country does Netflix have the best movies in?

Netflix provides a lot of stuff, however, in some regions, certain items are restricted. Netflix is available in 190 countries, although the selection of films and television episodes varies by location. We wanted to check which country had the best Netflix collection because there are so many different video libraries.

With 5,879 titles (4,035 movies and 1,844 TV series), the United States has the most, while Canada has the most with 4,043 films. Georgia has the fewest titles of any country on the planet, with only 2,116 titles (1,388 movies and 728 TV series). Netflix’s catalogs in Canada and the United States have the same IMDb average score of 6.95.

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South Korea has 109 Academy Award-winning films in its Netflix library, which is 24 more than Switzerland (the next top country), which has 85. Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore have the most Emmy-winning titles in their Netflix libraries, with 35 TV shows.

Although the United States has the largest library, it also has the lowest average IMDb rating (6.95), along with Canada. With an average score of 7.13, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia tie for first place on IMDb audience ratings. Azerbaijan’s library is modest, with only 2,117 titles, just one more than Georgia, which has the smallest collection.

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