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Which country Netflix has the most anime?

Anime is such a lovely thing that it only takes a few episodes of a series to understand that you’ve entered a new universe. In this post, we’ll look at some of the nations where Netflix offers the most anime available for viewing. Let’s get started without further ado.

1.      USA: Anime and manga have seen a continuous increase in popularity in the United States. With this rising popularity and demand, we’re already seeing well-known publishing houses, like Kodansha, the publisher of Attack on Titan, open offices in New York. The American version contains everything, from Attack on Titan to Netflix originals like Flavours of Youth.

2.      India: India is up next. India is one of the countries that has embraced anime in a big way. The number of Indian viewers is steadily increasing, with fans regularly streaming popular episodes such as One Piece, AoT, Naruto, and Dr. Stone.

3.      Canada: The number of daily anime viewers in Canada has also increased dramatically. As a result, Netflix has added a slew of anime to its library for Canadian viewers. Netflix Canada has everything from slice-of-life anime like Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Delusions to well-known fantasy anime like Devilman Crybaby.

4.      China: With its enormous population, China also attracts a large number of anime fans. Particularly in the Hong Kong area. With Netflix now hosting an anime platform, China is seeing an increase in the number of individuals watching anime online every day.

5.      Japan: And the last one, the native country itself, Japan. In the globe, Japan has the most anime available for viewing and streaming. The anime library in Japan is unique in that the majority of the titles are not available in English and do not have subtitles.

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