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Which is the No 1 film industry in the world?

The film industry, which dates back to the nineteenth century, is one of the world’s major providers of entertainment. Thousands of films are produced each year, and the industry generates billions of dollars in revenue.

Hollywood is the world’s largest film industry. The cinema industry in the United States and Canada generated $11.4 billion in 2016, making it the world’s most profitable film industry. Hollywood is a Los Angeles neighborhood located in the heart of the city. Its moniker has become a shorthand for the American film business and the people who work in it. Many of the company’s studios were formed there, including Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Universal Pictures; Paramount still operates studios there. Classic Hollywood cinema was the dominating style in American filmmaking from 1913 to 1969, and it is still prevalent in most films produced there today.

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With more than 700 English-language films released on average every year, it generates the most films of any single-language national cinema. In today’s Hollywood, production is frequently outsourced to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the sense of being the birthplace of the first film studios and production firms, Hollywood is regarded as the oldest film industry.

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