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Who is the most powerful fandom in the World 2020?

BTS has the world’s most powerful fans, but there are reasons behind it that make it the largest on the planet. The following are some major aspects that contribute to ARMY’s growth as the world most powerful fandom by 2020.

BTS’s disadvantage as a non-English speaking band is overcome by the ‘ARMY translation accounts’ strategy. BTS has a large network of translation accounts throughout social media, despite the fact that they do not release their albums in an international language. These fan accounts are in charge of translating practically everything their idols say into their native tongue, bridging the gap between BTS and international fans.

BTS has most fans in the world

Jiye Kim’s Twitter account, for example, is responsible for translating all song lyrics, video content, and BTS social media postings into English. She’s been doing this work since 2017 to assist BTS to reach new audiences. To date, Kim’s translation account has over 270,000 followers. Another example is Claire Min, who has a Twitter account with 350,000 followers and specializes in translating BTS live video feeds. She began her career in 2018 and pushed Korean language learning to assist fans to feel more connected to their heroes.

There are other more BTS ARMY translation accounts, but each has its own distinct style that draws people in. All of these social media accounts, on the other hand, are helping to unite Armys and recruit new members to the fandom, particularly from outside the country.

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