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Who is the richest Disney villain?

To the skeptics, Disney movies appear to be a touch formulaic. So, which villains have the most coveted wealth, which they may use to fund their nefarious activities? The comprehensive list of evil Disney money-makers is revealed in descending order. That’s exactly what you’re going to find out.

1. Scrooge McDuck ($65.4 Billion): Scrooge McDuck is, of course, number one. He’s a nasty piece of work when Disney first presents us to him, despite not being an irredeemable villain. His net profit is currently $65.4 billion, and he makes his money in the mining industry. He has three gorgeous nephews who will inherit his riches, but they won’t be making the ‘villain’ rich list any time soon.

2. Cruella De Vil (£1 Billion): Cruella De Vil is ranked second on our list. She is described as a London heiress with a net worth of $6 million in the original book by Dodie Smith. Cruella de Vil is the head of a gorgeous fashion firm in the 1996 Disney version, played by Glenn Close.

3. The Evil Queen ($500 Million): The Evil Queen, the first Disney villain, possessed a great fortune. We utilized the British Queen’s fortune of $500 million as a benchmark for this Queen’s wealth. Even though the Evil Queen is the most insane, she only ranks third on our list of high-spending villains.

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4. Prince John ($70 Million): Prince John, of course, would be on our list. Prince John is one of the more sneaky and possessive Disney villains, adorned with diamonds and crowns made of gems. This character’s avarice is what makes him so memorable, and it continues to the point where he sleeps around his money bags, sucking on his thumb and snoring like an evil baby.

5. Lady Tremaine ($3.2 million): Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s nasty stepmother, is ranked fifth on our list. Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s nasty stepmother, is ranked fifth on our list. Cinderella’s net worth is reported to be $3.2 million, which is reflected in the large mansion she cleans and the clothes and jewelry she wears.

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