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Why are Korean horror movies so good?

In recent years, Korean horror films have gained great acclaim from American audiences, because they have managed to give not only a different narrative than popular American releases but also tactics that feel more innovative. In order to generate well-rounded and relatable fear, the horror genre has thrived in many countries and cultures, each presenting its own perspective on fear and homing in on the concerns of their particular social, political, and economic context.

While Korean horror films have long been praised by critics, mainstream American viewers appear to have only recently begun to seek out the country’s films in huge numbers, following the box office success of Bong Joon-hos ‘Parasite. Though cinema enthusiasts, particularly horror fans, have had South Korea on their radar for some time, many viewers are only now getting a taste of the country’s deep depth when it comes to horror.

South Korean horror films go deeper into the human psyche, analyzing individual storylines and creating characters with the density that comes from concentrating on a small number of characters. Behind the scenes of violence, there is a purposeful and deliberate goal. In Na Hong-The jin’s Wailing, for example, he commits awful crimes, and while there are scenes of violence, it’s generally in the aftermath.

Korean horror films do not feature disposable characters like those found in American slasher films, and viewers often develop feelings for all characters featured, as in Yeon Sang-heartbreaking ho’s zombie film Train to Busan. There’s a significant emotional payoff in South Korean horror for viewers who want more depth with their violence and appreciate plots that straddle the line between grief and fright. These all factors make Korean horror movies so good and fantastic.

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