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Alia Bhatt Expresses Surprise Over Hollywood Debut in Heart of Stone: ‘It was Meant to Be for Me

In a surprising turn of events, acclaimed Hindi film star Alia Bhatt finds herself making her Hollywood debut in the much-anticipated Netflix spy thriller, Heart of Stone. Renowned for her roles in Hindi cinema, Bhatt is set to take on the character of Keya Dhawan alongside Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan in this action-packed espionage flick.

In an exclusive conversation with Digital Spy, Bhatt opened up about her unexpected journey into Hollywood and the allure of the project that drew her in. She shared, “Filmmaking is a universal language, and this opportunity truly was a blessing. When it first came my way, it genuinely took me by surprise—I was quite astonished.”

The decision to be part of Heart of Stone was clearly influenced by Bhatt’s deep connection to the script and her character. “Upon reading the script, I instantly fell in love with it, and my role resonated with me,” she affirmed. Bhatt’s perspective on the project goes beyond her individual role, as she recognizes the film itself as the central character. She stated, “To me, the film holds the most significant role. If the film is compelling and enjoyable, any contribution becomes inherently valuable.”

Bhatt’s commitment to the project remained unwavering, driven by a sense of fate. She asserted, “I had absolutely no doubt in my mind; this was destined for me. The alignment was perfect, and I’m extremely grateful for how everything fell into place.”

Heart of Stone centers around intelligence operative Rachel Stone, portrayed by Gadot, who also serves as a producer. The narrative revolves around Stone’s mission to recover her organization’s invaluable and perilous asset, The Heart, before it lands in the wrong hands. Gadot shared her insights into the project’s genesis, revealing, “The idea took root in 2017 following the success of the first Wonder Woman film. Recognizing the universal appeal of these stories, I gained the confidence to explore the realm of female-led action films.”

As Heart of Stone hits the Netflix screens on August 11, cinephiles and fans alike are eagerly anticipating this new addition to the genre. Bhatt’s unexpected Hollywood journey, coupled with Gadot’s vision for empowering female-driven narratives, sets the stage for a thrilling viewing experience that transcends borders and languages.

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