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Best ever movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has developed into one of our most passionate and intense actors over the course of his nearly three-decade career. From the start, it was clear that he was a young man of exceptional ability: he had achieved recognition for films such as the gritty coming-of-age drama This Boy’s Life, and had received an Oscar nod as early as 1993 for his role as a mentally challenged adolescent in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Here are the best ever movies by Leonardo DiCaprio. Read below to know more.

1. Titanic (1997): 

So, what exactly are you saying? You don’t think this movie is all it’s cracked up to be? Tough. The most expensive movie of its time — not to mention a years-in-the-making, snidely-dismissed production that sometimes seemed like it would never see the light of day — was James Cameron’s 1997 box-office record-breaker, Oscar winner, and all-around pop-cultural juggernaut.

2. Inception (2010): 

Inception Clean Key Art © Warner Brothers

In Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi heist thriller, DiCaprio enters people’s dreams and steals their thoughts — although this time, instead of enhancing the usual cerebral data, he and his team are hired to implant a concept inside someone’s mind.

3. The Departed (2006): 

With this Boston crime drama — an adaptation of the terrific Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs (2002) — Scorsese finally earned that elusive Oscar, starring DiCaprio as a cop infiltrating the mob and Matt Damon as a gangster infiltrating the police force.

4. Catch Me If You Can (2002): 

 Catch Me If You Can

DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale, a real-life con artist who traveled around the country impersonating pilots, lawyers, and doctors in this Steven Spielberg classic. It was a brilliant casting choice, capturing the actor as he transitioned from a fresh-faced romantic to a gloomy young man – he could still play a child.

5. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019): 

 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Rick Dalton was the man behind the TV Western Bounty Law and a slew of other rugged-dude classics. Now it’s 1969, the counterculture is gaining traction, and Dalton’s star power is waning.

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