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Is there going to be a Cars 4?

What exactly is Pixar’s position on Cars 4? For the greater part of two decades, Pixar’s renowned series Cars has been a fixture in every animation fan’s library. However, when it comes to the fourth chapter of the franchise, Disney appears to be sitting ducks. Fans are clamoring for Cars 4, as evidenced by several posts on the internet. Despite this, Disney and Pixar remain tight-lipped about the film’s present condition.

The first installment of the series, which debuted in 2006, took the world by storm. Lightning McQueen, the renowned race car, became a household name. As products began to fly off the shelves, Disney and Pixar made a lot of money. Cars were a first in the business, introducing elements of animating inanimate objects and giving them a life of their own. The movie’s graphics and art form were legendary at the time, as audiences had never seen a film with such a high level of aesthetic realism. Cars 2 was released in 2011 as a sequel to the first film.


Cars 2 was another huge hit for the blockbuster company, grossing over $500 million in the United States. Cars 3, the sequel to the mediocre second installment, was released in 2017. Cars 3 was a disappointment for Disney, grossing roughly 370 million dollars.

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