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Only Murders in the Building Finale: Here’s what to expect from this Selena Gomez’s starrer

Ever since the much-awaited Disney+ Hotstar show Only Murders in the Building was released last month, viewers have been eagerly waiting for a new episode each week. Now, we’re nine episodes in, and needless to say, every second of it has been thrilling and has kept us hooked! From suspecting a cat enthusiast to a surprising trail of events that followed suit, all the way to the grand reveal – could the murderer have been right under their nose all along? The show, featuring Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin, continues to live up to its hype, keeping everyone guessing who killed Tim Kono, and we’re certain the finale is going to be a nail-biting one. The captivating and unique script by Steve Martin and John Hoffman has given us more room for speculation than we could have asked for, which only means one thing: The excitement just cannot be contained. Gear up to catch the finale episode only on Disney+ Hotstar and get ready to have your mind blown! Holding onto that thought, here’s a list of potential killers of Tim Kono.

Felines can now raise suspicion too!
Howard, one of Tim Kono’s neighbours, was very open about his hatred for Tim at the memorial held by the Building following Kono’s death. Tim suffered from allergies and Howards’s cat only made it worse, leading Tim to threaten poisoning the cat after it happened to enter an open window in his apartment. It seems extremely unlikely and unexpected that a simple threat could make Howard murder Tim. But wait, why were the cat’s paw prints on the site of crime. Could Howard have had a hand to play in Tim Kono’s death?

Mabel Mora: Guilty or innocent?
Mabel Mora’s secret is out. So why did she choose to pretend like she was just a stranger investigating another stranger’s sudden demise? Oliver’s son informs him that Mabel frequently visited her aunt at the Arconia during her adolescence and was a part of Tim Kono’s friend circle. This shocking information leads Oliver and Charles (played by Steve Martin) to contemplate her innocence in this situation. They follow her whereabouts to seek the truth. Wouldn’t be the first time we see a killer involved in an investigation in order to pin the truth on somebody else. Oh, Mabel!

Who IS ‘Tie-dye guy’?
A mysterious person in a tie-dye hoodie was seen going up the stairwell by Charles during the alarm as residents climbed down on the night of Tim Kono’s death. A primary suspect, Charles and Oliver, spot ‘Tie-dye guy’ as they follow Mabel, leading them to speculate about the two’s connection with the death of Tim Kono. Soon we find out that ‘Tie-dye guy’ is Mabel’s old friend, Oscar, who has recently come out of serving a prison sentence and knew Tim Kono. However, the suspicion about Oscar still lingers in the air since it was Tim’s silence about Oscar’s involvement in a previous case of death that landed him in jail. Could Oscar have sought revenge by killing Kono now?

Teddy Dimas tries to wrap up the truth!
Tim Kono was trying to take down a jewellery monger by the name of Angel, in the black market before he died due to his connection with the death of his friend, Zoe. Unexpectedly, that turns out to be Teddy Dimas of Dimas’ Chicken Wraps, the same person who generously sponsored the entire podcast of Only Murders in the Building. How fishy! The ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind Teddy Dimas’ jewel mongery now comes to light as Mabel and Oliver soon discover the site of his illegal operations but the number one suspect- Teddy Dimas detained the duo along with his son, Theo who threatens them to end the podcast and subsequent investigation or suffer the consequences. At this point, we’re convinced the Dimas’ are the killers. All we need to see now is the investigators prove the crime to the cops but can we really be sure that Teddy Dimas could be responsible for the death of Tim Kono? After all, threat notes have been pretty common throughout the show.

The heat starts building around Theo
Ten years ago, Tim Kono witnessed his friend Zoe being accidentally pushed off the roof of the Arconia by Teddy Dimas’ son, Theo. Teddy threatens Tim to stay silent on what he saw which unfortunately ended with his innocent friend, Oscar being sentenced to jail-time on a wrongful conviction. Tim, however, spent many years after that trying to retrieve a ring that Zoe had on her finger before she fell off the roof. Maybe Theo wanted to finally get rid of his witness who could out him any day now. Also, Tim’s constant search around his fellow residents – the Dimas’ couldn’t have pleased Theo very much. Cue: deadly trouble?

Jan plays the devil’s tune
What happens when you get close to the murderer itself? Innocently finding her way into Charles’ heart, Jan, the musical talent sweeped the Brazzo’s hero off his feet with her bassoon’s tune. Strategically brainstorming with the podcast leads, the mysterious new neighbour plays Charles’ shifty girlfriend who misguides the team into believing that there could be danger lurking around with the unsuspecting tenants of the building. But with her being stabbed by an unknown intruder, Jan makes the mystery an unfathomable sequence of events, eventually leading to the three leads getting evicted from the building. With a mole on the inside, could the murderer be someone they believed to be their friend?

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