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What’s the best order to watch Godzilla movies?

Obviously, you should watch the three previous MonsterVerse films before seeing Godzilla vs Kong: Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017), and Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019). But, after gaining your instruction from the Toho movies, I’d recommend watching them. Those films are influenced by the Toho films, so you’ll need some background knowledge to really appreciate them (especially 2019’s ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’).

The Japanese Godzilla films are divided into three sections. The Showa Era, Heisei Era, and Millennium Era are the three periods in chronological sequence. Every Godzilla film is a classic, but some are more essential than others, particularly in the case of the upcoming one, which will be released in March. Watch 1963’s King Kong vs. Godzilla for a taste of their first encounter, which features some epic battles and also serves as a media satire.


There are other classics from the Heisei period as well. ‘ The Return of Godzilla,’ the 1984 film that resurrected the series, is a solo monster show with tremendous destruction scenes and some fascinating geopolitics, as is the more science fiction-tinged “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” which was released towards the tail end of Japan’s dominant decade. Few films can match ‘Godzilla vs. Destoroyah,’ which concluded the Heisei series in 1995 in terms of raw emotional intensity.

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