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Which are Bill Murray’s most popular movies?

Bill Murray certainly shouldn’t be a Hollywood star: he doesn’t have an entourage, he irritates a lot of people, and he once broke Robert De Niro’s nose by mistake. His great wisecracking persona and unique appeal, on the other hand, have elevated him to one of the most well-known celebrities of all time. These are the people who played a part in making that occur. Check the list below.

1.   Ghostbusters (1984): There seem to be Bill Murray parts that are iconic, and then there’s Dr. Peter Venkman. Venkman is the most well-known of all of the comedian’s characters, and he plays a traditional New York smartass who also happens to fight ghosts.

2.   Scrooged (1988): Bill Murray was the perfect choice to play the title role in a modern adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Murray makes people care even in the stupidest comic creations because he is successful, cynical, and has a gold heart buried behind his costly 1980s outfit.

3.   Groundhog Day (1993): Bill Murray starred in a romantic comedy. It’s not supposed to function, yet it does. Murray shines as Phil Connors, who is – you got it – successful, cynical, but secretly has a heart of gold, despite being bitten by the groundhog twice during filming.

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4.  Lost in Translation (2003): Murray gives his best performance in a (mainly) serious film. Scarlett Johansson’s career was launched by the picture, but Bill’s performance as Bob Harris earned him a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and a slew of other accolades. He plays Bob Harris, a cynical actor who falls for Johansson’s Charlotte. He’d do it, wouldn’t he?

5.   The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004): In Wes Anderson’s super-dry comedy, Murray plays the titular oceanographer on the hunt for the deadly jaguar shark that killed his companion. Murray’s ultimate cult role, which resulted in a spike in red woolly hat sales.

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