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    Why do celebrities ignore their male fans?

    However, a lot of individuals engage in what are known as “Parasocial connections,” which are one-sided relationships between you and the celebrity.

    The more you consume their content—you watch their videos, read their posts, and follow what they do online—the more you start to feel like you and the celebrity are close friends, even though they may not be aware of your existence. As a result, you might feel more compelled to stay in touch with them frequently. to continually become irritated and offended if they don’t reply to you because you believe that you have a true friendship with them despite the fact that they don’t.

    Instagram does a good job of filtering the messages you get so that it’s simpler for you to distinguish between messages from friends and acquaintances and messages from fans. This is where the little request folder comes in. You may categorize your discussions on Instagram into two groups: Primary and General.

    Now, I prefer to utilise the Primary folder to just communicate with individuals I know in real life, with whom I have established online friendships, or who are channel supporters so that I can immediately access the chats and always reply if they send me a message. Additionally, I generally utilise it as a means of communication with my followers and other audience members.

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