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Is ALAG a real story?

Alag is a 2006 Indian Hindi science fiction film directed by Ashu Trikha and produced by Subi Samuel, starring Akshay Kapoor and Dia Mirza. A protagonist is a man with incredible magical abilities and no hair on his body. Despite the film’s failure at the box office, Akshay Kapoor’s performance received positive reviews.

Hemant Rastogi, a widower, appears to be alone in Mahabaleshwar. He had a heart attack and dies one night. When the police search Hemant’s home, they discover Tejas, Hemant’s only son, in the basement. Tejas has spent his entire life in the basement and is particularly sensitive to sunlight as a result. Purva Rana, the head of P.R. Institute, is asked by the police to look after Tejas, who has only known other people through his father and the books he has supplied for him.


Tejas begins to exhibit Telekinesis and is rejected by the other guys at the institute, leading to a security guard’s near-fatal accident and the death of a fellow student. When Tejas is able to wake Purva’s wife, Gayatri Rana, from a coma-like state, he redeems himself in the eyes of Purva’s affluent father, Pushkar. Tejas appears to have been accepted into the Rana family, but he is then tormented by doctors and scientists who want to experiment on him.

When Tejas and Pushkar refuse to participate in the tests, Tejas is kidnapped and held captive by Dr. Richard Dyer, who seeks to dominate his mind for his own gain. Purva realizes Tejas has been kidnapped and is mortally injured in a rescue attempt by Dr. Dyer. Tejas’ rage prompts him to use his powers, breaking the glass prison, murdering Dr. Dyer, and electrocuting Purva. Tejas revives her with a jolt of electricity from his palms. Purva and Tejas drive out into the sunset at the end of the film.

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