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Bigg Boss OTT: Rakesh Bapat shares his life story with Shamita Shetty

Nowadays, Bigg Boss OTT is getting very much fame and attention. Following the same tradition, the show is again in the limelight. Rakesh Bapat, who is a contestant of the show, has shared about his personal life. Rakesh talked about his divorce from actress Riddhi Dogra to his co-contestant Shamita Shetty.
The connection of Both Contestants has recently grabbed the audience’s attention because of their morning kissing wake-up ritual. Some misunderstandings arise between these two at the time of the nomination task in the last episode.
Due to this misunderstanding, Rakesh Bapat and Shamita did not understand each other’s points of view and difficult to explain the situation.

Shamita wants to have a true relationship with Rakesh Bapat. He was earlier trying to ignore the conversation by mentioning the issues of his concern.

Later, they decided to clarifying the issue and coming back to the same Page. Rakesh and Shamita had decided to resolve their issues by sitting in the garden area.

Rakesh Bapat talked about the difficult phase of his life and the problems he faced during his childhood and adulthood.

Rakesh also revealed how the decision of ending the marriage deeply affected him. The actor also shared the effect of his father’s death on his life.

Rakesh’s mother and sister were disappointed to see him in a pitiful condition.

He said I was on the verge of breaking down.

Rakesh Bapat said how difficult it has been for him to find stability in life and he wants someone to understand him deeply.

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