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Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat is loving connection in BB OTT

After seeing a lot of fights in the house of Bigg Boss, the rain of love has been seen. Yes, we are talking about Shamita and Rakesh. A task was given in the Sunday Ka Vaar episode. In which all the boys had to take care of the girls. The love-filled connection that was seen between contestants Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat during the task was enough to entertain the audience. The name of the task was Pampering Task. In which Rakesh Bapat did not give a single opportunity to Shamita Shetty to complain.

Where many boys were seen doing their partner’s makeup. So there was beautiful chemistry between the sweetest couple of the show Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat. During the task, Rakesh not only cleaned Shamita’s nails. Rather, he also gave a foot massage to Shamita. Also made a cute tattoo on her neck. Rakesh did not stop there. He also gave Shamita shoulder and back massage.

Rakesh left no stone unturned to impress Shamita. He also made tasty food for Shamita. After which the couple ended the task with their dance. Here too, Shamita and Rakesh made people crazy with their dance. He won the hearts of people with romantic dance in the song ‘Ishq Wala Love’. Shamita has recently shared the video of her dance with this cute on Instagram. On which people have showered their love by giving thousands of likes and comments. This video of both is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Let me tell you, people are also liking this pair of Shamita and Rakesh very much. This can be gauged only by looking at the likes and comments of the fans. It was not done just for this task. Even before this, once Shamita Shetty was seen crying in Bigg Boss house. Then only Rakesh Bapat was seen silencing him. Not only this, the growing closeness between the two can be detected only by the jealousy of Shamita.

It happened that Zeeshan was thrown out due to his indecent behaviour in the Bigg Boss house. On which his partner Divya became very sad and started crying. Rakesh came forward to console Divya Agarwal and silence her. But Shamita did not like Rakesh going to Divya like this and she got angry with him. Rakesh Bapat also did not let Shamita remain angry for a long time. He was not only celebrated but also kissed. This cute fight between these two is captivating the hearts of the audience. Both are often seen supporting each other as well.

Fans are very fond of this sour-sweet fight between Rakesh and Shamita. Both the love birds are looting a lot of limelight in the house these days. They are also the subject of discussion. There is no doubt that the pair is very much liked by the fans.
Last year power couple, Sidnaz aka Siddharth and Shahnaz rocked the Bigg Boss house with their pair. This time Shamita and Rakesh are seen doing the same.

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