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Sanya Malhotra tells how a fan sexually grabbed her while taking a picture: “Nobody assisted me”

Sanya Malhotra, who plays Sania in the film Kathal, spoke candidly about a terrible event in which a fan grabbed her inappropriately while they took a selfie together.

Sanya Malhotra, a Bollywood actress who most recently starred in the Netflix film Kathal, has spoken candidly about a terrifying incident that occurred when she was on the Delhi metro. She further disclosed that a guy once approached her for the purpose of taking a picture and improperly touched her. However, the actress alleged that no one showed up to assist her. Aahana Kumra, an actress, recently reprimanded a fan for putting his arm around her waist while taking a photo with her.

Sanya Malhotra recalled her horrifying experience of harassment in Delhi to Hauterrfly, recalling how one evening she was riding the metro home from college when a bunch of lads boarded as well. She said that until she got off the subway, they “teased and touched” her. “I was alone so I stayed quiet. It was such a situation when I couldn’t do anything. They started teasing and touching. I felt helpless but I knew if I will say anything, anything can happen. People generally say, ‘Kuch kara kyun nahi tumne?’ But when that situation comes, haath, paer phool jaate hain. You only want to survive that situation.”

She continued, saying she was surprised that nobody in the subway came to assist her. “Then I got out of Rajiv Chowk and they all started following me. They were all tall, muscular men. Thank god for the crowd at that station, I rushed to the washroom and called my father. I asked him to come and pick me up,” she shared.

Sanya Malhotra claimed to have had a terrible event in Mumbai a few years back. She did this after becoming a well-known figure in the film business. Sanya said that since she was seen someplace, there must be video of her somewhere on the Internet. She remembered that a man had approached her to take a photo and placed his hand on her butt. “I was like, ‘What the hell?’ But again, the photographers didn’t help me. They were seeing that I am not comfortable. I was so angry, I called him back and told him, ‘You did wrong’,” said Sanya.

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