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Jason Momoa’s Deep Rising and Pleistocene Park by Luke Griswald-Tergis win top awards at India’s largest environment based film festival

The All Living Things Environment Film Festival (ALT EFF), India’s biggest environmental film festival, announced its winners of its 4th edition, shining a spotlight on imperative topics of climate change and environment at large through the lens of cinema. The festival showcased which is currently ongoing till 19th December is screening over 60 films from 50 countries with shows in across 20 cities in India, emphasizing its commitment to fostering dialogue on environmental issues.

The prestigious awards were announced, with the top honors for Best International Feature going to “Deep Rising,” produced by Jason Momoa and directed by Matthieu Rytz. Momoa’s commitment to environmental causes echoes in this powerful film, contributing to its recognition at ALT EFF 2023.

In the Indian cinema category, “Against the Tide,” directed by Sarvnik Kaur, and “The Leopards Tribe,” directed by Miriam Chandy Menacherry, emerged as the Best Indian Features, captivating audiences with their compelling narratives and environmental messages.

The winners in across categories include:

  • Best of the Festival award by the Habitat Trust “Pleistocene Park,” directed by Luke Griswald-Tergis
  • Best International Feature Film to Deep Rising produced by Jason Momoa and directed by Matthieu Rytz
  • Best International Short: “From Dreams to Dust,” directed by Stephanie Tangkilisan, Muhammad Heri Fadli
  • Best Indian Short: “No Water, No Village,” directed by Munmun Dhalaria
  • Best Student Film: “Feeling the Apocalypse,” directed by Chen Sing Yao
  • Best Animated Film: “The Egret River,” by Wan-Ling Liu

ALT EFF 2023 has successfully advanced its mission to stimulate crucial conversations on climate change, and the winning films stand as powerful testimonials to the transformative potential of cinema in raising environmental awareness.

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