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Warina Hussain is in the News for her New photoshoot

Warina Hussain has been in the headlines ever since she came into films. Meanwhile, Warina is in discussions about her new photoshoot. In which Warina has taken an Afghani look and she is looking very beautiful.

Warina Hussain has been in the headlines ever since she appeared in films. Meanwhile, Warina is in the news for her new photoshoot. In which Warina has taken an Afghan look and she is looking very beautiful.

With this, let us tell you that the film ‘Loveyatri’ made in Salman Khan’s production house could not show anything special on the screen, but this film Because of this, Bollywood has got a beautiful actress, who is long known as Warina Hussain.
Warina is from Afghanistan. Warina is very beautiful, people do not get tired of praising her, but despite that, many people troll her a lot.

During this interview, she told that when she came to India, as well as trying to work in films, people trolled her a lot. Warina says this is because people Was trolling him from that his taluk was from Afghanistan. She is originally from Afghanistan. And there is Umka house in Kabul.
Warina Hussain also told that people had even said that they have come from the country of terrorists. She was very upset by the trolling of people. Warina says that ‘She was in Afghanistan for some time only. Warina had told that Warina’s maternal grandmother and mother had narrated the stories of earlier Afghanistan. Which was quite different. Everyone is aware of the situation in Afghanistan today, in such a situation, it is also inevitable for actress Warina to feel pain. Bollywood’s famous actress started her career in Bollywood with the film ‘Loveyatri’. Before the film ‘Loveyatri’, she was also seen in some TV commercials.

Warina became very popular by doing a Cadbury ad, Warina’s cuteness was discussed a lot in the ed. According to special media reports, the actress’s father is Iraqi. And mother is Afghan. Warina started her modelling career in New Delhi in 2013. Along with this, She had given her opinion on the Taliban’s capture of the power of Afghanistan in Kabul on February 23, 1999. She is a very beautiful actress. She is also very active on social media.

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